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Friday Feb 15 Beauty Weather EIR Spanker at Joe,s
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TOPIC: Friday Feb 15 Beauty Weather EIR Spanker at Joe,s
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Friday Feb 15 Beauty Weather EIR Spanker at Joe,s 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
Hey,,, Little longer then expected but Not gone yet,

What the , What the , What the, Wyant Group, Cool but I didn't know, JTL.ca Didn't know, K who knew and didn't post, Wankers, Little bump from me to you.

It seems like everyone is taken a Page from Mr. H himself, If you don't own more then 10 or so dealerships, You ain't the Jijji Baby. Wow, All good though, As long as they keep recognizing that racers have coin, buy cars and Most of all,,,
And at that Dealership, Race parts Monday TOO. Hello Mike.
Speaking of Mike, If you don't have any tires yet ? I heard from a little Wheel Bird, They have some tires from last year left, selling at last years tires, These are good tires Kids,, And I suspect, a $20 tagged on this years tires min, You know our Paso and all that, Man O Man.

Okay, I'm Callin you out People in Toon Town, What else don't we know over Here to your west, You always got shit to Yak about,
Who is coming to EIR, Or do I need to tell you who comin from Alberta to Toon Town first ? , Poop, I should get Myself registered, But you all know I am a coming, Haven't missed a year in 11,12,13,14,15, 16, 17, 18 , How bout this, If you Freakin guess , Ill buy you a tire, Ha.

K, Here is a picture of my car finally, With all the work we been doing, It is finally hitting the Assembly line in our shop, Wow I have to admit, I cant wait. With only 1 race last year and not having a handle on the new car but feeling like this has been our best car we ever had in our stable, Well , like every racer, We think we won already. In my mind we have, Lol.

With everything going on and the dollar the way it is, I've decided to not go to Vegas and stay home to get my Shit ready, Drag car testing will have to wait I guess, Ah early Spring says Mr. Groundhog.

Missed the Silent Auction ERI was having in Sherwood Park, BUT, Or Boys Grant and Blaze did go, So will get the Skinny from them on the night and fill you in.

K, I would like to take a moment and print a few words about the Heintz Family and my Condolences for there lose.
I have been very Blessed to get to Know Kenny and his Father, True Racers and Solid People, I know there will be a small spot in your Heart that aches for ever, but I also know that the reminders you will have throughout the rest of your life, This Will make you SMILE and remember my Friends. See you soon.

Okay, Started to write this Friday mid day, Guys came over, Beers and ? Came out, And now you see me posting this early Saturday Morning, I will let your imagination figure out what happen to Fridays Post. Yowser.
Ko Bro's Use It, Abuse IT, JTL.ca Are you out there ROD ?
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Friday Feb 15 Beauty Weather EIR Spanker at Joe,s
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